Our 5th graders are also working on our first international PenPal experience at the same time as the 4th graders. We have been fortunate enough to find two locations for both classes. We will be working with a wonderful group of students who are working on their English as well.

The students from Hungary have a wiki that provides more information about them.

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Here is the current time in Hungary. They are six hours ahead of us.

April 1st

I have decided to share a few email exchanges because this is just too interesting and fascinating not to share.

Dear Aaron.

We, in Hungary celebrate namedays, too.
Every name has a day in the calendar.
Áron-Aaron is on the 2nd April.
( My second son is called Áron, too )

Happy Nameday!

I responded to this email with the following:

What a cool celebration. Is there a website or resource that we could have access to see the names? My students might like to find out about their names on the calendar. I never knew that about my name before either. Thank you for sharing this information and we look forward to the letters. Have a great weekend. I hope April Fool's Day went okay for you. Do you celebrate April Fool's Day on April 1st? We did not have school yesterday due to parent teacher conferences so I escaped prank free.

Here is the response. Check out what day is your day.

Dear Aaron,

For example, here is a very-very simple calendar for the names:( easier to see the list)
http://webcache. googleusercontent.com/search? q=cache:CpAeCInGizMJ: nevenapja.hu/nevnapok.html+ napt%C3%A1r+n%C3%A9vnapok&cd= 2&hl=hu&ct=clnk&gl=hu&source= www.google.hu

and here are some Hungarian firstnames in English
http://webcache. googleusercontent.com/search? q=cache:iQ2991FgvZ4J:www. gyakorikerdesek.hu/egyeb- kerdesek__egyeb-kerdesek__ 347191+magyar+nevek+angol+ megfelel%C5%91je&cd=1&hl=hu& ct=clnk&gl=hu&source=www. google.hu

We celebrate almost the same. But ( of course) there are no candles on the cake. We celebrate at home in the family and we celebrate namedays in the school and with friends, too

And we, the mothers have to make a big celebration dinner for our "cute, little" sons ( mine is an always-starving-university -students:-))))))

And...we had school on April's Fool Day. HRRRRRRRRR.....I survived it. Children found out some tricks to make this day funnier ( for them).......... I made a quiz for this spaghetti harvest video . ( if you had seen my 10 years old students eyes!!!!!! i took revenge!!! for the silly things they have made me before! Ahahahha!!! I asked them to repeat what had they seen in the video, what did they understood from the speaker!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=GXmaS1ZzpA8&feature=player_ embedded

What do you usually do on that day? Have you got a great idea for the following years for me???
Thank you for your nice letters ( and for your hadwritten letters to my kids...they are so glad and HAPPY when they got letters!!!!!!!!!!!
We are going to put some Easter cards, too.
Thank you

Students in Hungary writing and creating letters

Today I received a slideshow of our letters arriving and in the hands of the students. It is so cool to see our own work miles and miles away.

Our letters arrived in Hungary after waiting patiently. Here are our letters with our friends in Hungary

Here are some photos of your letters.
http://www.slide.com/r/ dPk2F48zyj8Vs- SP6BOBR5NMZ4CBb5y4?previous_ view=mscd_embedded_url&view= original

Our first letters arrived from our friends in Hungary