The assignment:
Let the kids make their own festive and creative snail mail postcards and send one to each address on the list you have received.
Don´t forget to write who you are and where you are from in English and compliment it with a Christmas Greeting in your own language! These cards will have to be posted before the 3rd of December so we will actually receive them before Christmas!I really hope this works!! I know the kids and I will have fun making cards for you and then eagerly await yours,

As we prepare our Christmas/Holiday postcards to be sent around the world I thought it would be cool to have a map showing all the locations that we will be sending our beautifully decorated postcards. The map below marks all the spots they will mailed off to on December 3rd. As we receive our cards I will add them to this page.

Here is a slide show showcasing all of our postcards that we sent out. Little did we know that the price of postage to mail international was 98 cents. We cannot wait for our postcards to start arriving. If you are one of the schools who receives our postcard take a picture of yourselves with the postcard and email it to Mr. Maurer at and we will post it here on this page.

Additionally, as we start to acquire the postcards from around the world I plan on having the students do some further investigation into each of these locations and post their findings here on the wiki. Stay tuned as we slowly update this page as the cards arrive.

Our first cards arrived today, December 6th, 2010. I cannot wait to show these cards to the 4th graders tomorrow. Students will be asked to dive into some research on these locations and update our Google Calendar to mark when they arrived.