This is designed for people all around the world to answer questions and share information about their culture using Twitter. The responses are designed to help my students bridge connections all around the world and for us to have a springboard for discussion in the classroom.

Please be respectful of the comments you type and I look forward to hearing from all of you around the world.

Here is the flyer.


Feel free to follow on Twitter and begin to post.

I think Eden has stated the experimental structure best to me the other day when he stated:

Let`s get a bunch of Tweets out first and then follow up on what has been Tweeted. If we focus on Tweeting first then questions about the Tweet, then the group/individual writing the Tweet can answer the question about it thus taking responsibility and being more interested.

Tweet - "School lunch today was fish, rice, seaweed and dangojiru."
@Bettendorf - "We ate hamburgers and potato fries. What is dangojiru?"
@Kanatake_School - "Dangojiru is a type of long dumpling in soup broth with vegetables." http://www.oishiimati-oita.jp/english/kyodo.html

I think you can see where I am going with this...

Feel free to mark your location on this map so we can keep track of our Global Communicaitons.

Here is a great tool for us to keep track of who we are tweeting with. I hope you consider marking the map and leaving your voice.

Woices is an application that lets you put audio and a map side by side.

For this activity simply follow the instructions below and add your voice to our map. We would love to hear from people from all over the world in English and their native languages. Please fill up our map.

What to say -

My recording says:
"We are from Bettendorf, Iowa, USA. We go to Bettendorf Middle School. We are looking to make friends with people from around the world."

Feel free to say what you want. I would like for you to include your location and anything interesting. I need to update my audio.

Here are the steps for adding your audio and location to the map. Currently it does not show up properly on the front of the wiki and I'm working on getting that fixed.
1. Login to my account at http://www.woices.com
username = coffeechug
password – coffeechug
2. Click on ‘Create’ and select ‘Record or upload new echo.’
3. Follow the steps – first you will add your pin to the map, then give it a title, then record your sound or upload one you have already prepared.
4. Then go to the ‘You’ tab and select ‘Your Woice.’ Then select Coffeechug Wiki, which is listed under ‘Your Walks’ at the centre of the page. The Lunch Box Project Classes walk page will open up.
5. On the right hand side underneath the map, choose ‘Edit list of echoes’ from the More Actions menu.
6. Drag the echo you just created from the ‘Your Echoes’ column on the right to the ‘Walk Echoes’ column on the left.
7. Then click ‘Return To Walk’ at the bottom left hand side and back on the walk page you should see your audio in the player at the left and your pin on the map on the right.
If you have any problems, please let me know.

The following is the template that teachers can work on together to finalize the desired result. I have left things open on purpose because just as we want our students to learn from one another I think we teachers can do the same.

This will be where I will use the Master Template we filled out for our FCC course, but modified to be simpler for teachers to complete together.