Hello! At Bettendorf Middle School I have assembled an International Pen Pal Club that is open to any student in the building. We meet in the mornings to share and discuss the latest news. This will be the page where we will document our writing and exchanges with other countries and locations. Feel free to email me at aarmau@gmail.com if you would like to set up an exchange.

2.14.11 We have had some meetings over the last month trying to get things back up and running. Our Turkey Pen Pals never responded to our emails which was unfortunate, but maybe there is something going on their end that is causing an issue. We have moved on. A smaller group has formed to work on the LunchBox Project which is going great so far. We meet this week to film our introductory video showcasing who we are. Should be interesting.

We also picked up contacts with a class in France. This group is devoted to email so we will start that this week also. Much to do and not enough time.

Mr. Maurer
Meeting #1
This was a brief meeting as we did not start on time due to some bad weather. Basically, I introduced the club and what the plans are for the remainder of the year. Students could ask questions. I had shared with them some potential partners. I also had students sign in so I could contact them later on and handed out parent permission forms to have an epal email account.

Meeting #2
12/21/10 - Our second meeting where we sent over the finalized list of current locations to exchange letters. Here is what we have so far.
1. Spain - confirmed, but still working out the finer details. Hope to get this connection up and running in January
2. Mumbai, India - we have four students writing to four students in this location. This will be conducted via email.
3. Taiwan - all of the club members will be writing hand written letters to this school. Check out their school websiteto learn more
4. Stary Oskol, Russia - these students are currently writing letters to us and we cannot wait to receive them in the mail.
5. Turkey - we are going to have 15 students write to 15 students via email to begin correspondence as well.

We have a lot going on already. It is crazy to be connected so fast(in about two weeks) to so many amazing places.

As we begin to learn more and discover new things we will post it here on the wiki.

Future Goals
1. Profile Page of all the members so our partners can see a visual of who we are
2. Separate pages to document our learning experience

Current Work To Be Done For Next Meeting
1.Begin writing our introductory letters. These letters should contain the following items
  • Introduction of student - Who Are You?
  • Asking pen pal questions about themselves
  • Discussion of their favorite things
Meeting #3: Agenda
Epal Website: www.epals.com
Hand out emailsEmail Password:

Double check – make contacts this week


Taiwan – match names to studentsTurkey – 15 Wiki: www.coffeechug.wikispaces.comPost what we are learning, photos, projects, etc.Add additional items if you wishApply to join wikiVery important to demonstrate outcomes of club to communityLunchbox Project: http://lunchboxproject.wikispaces.com/We are registered for this!