We have begun another partnership with another amazing class of students and teacher from Fukuoka, Japan.

How far away? http://www.infoplease.com/ atlas/calculate-distance.html? sms_ss=email&at_xt= 4d83647041ec9143%2C0

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I have also provided a link to the local primary school. Their website has
more pictures, I hope it interests to you.


Pop Culture:

Through exchange of letters and conversing online with our Twitter project and email we have begun to learn more and more about Japan. Here are some links and videos to some pop culture that we discovered through our communication.


1. Exile - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exile_(Japanese_band)

Here is their main band page - http://exile.jp/index.html


Care to Learn about Kendo?=

Here is Kendo Club captain, Miss Yukina Nakashima

Here is a description about the sport. Check out the video below that they created to see Kendo in action. We need a club like this at our school.

About Kendo

The Kendo outfit has the following parts the face, torso, hanging part, and hand protector. We wear these during Kendo. We use the bamboo sword (shinai) to hit the face, hand protector, torso and throat parts. In other words, we fight a match by trying to strike an opponent.
The match has rules are as follows:
Whoever takes two points within two minutes is the winner. However, if both opponents have one point each whoever took the first point is the winner. If there no winners at the end of two minutes, then a follow on match is held, whereby the first point taken means a win.

In the national kendo body, the make up of the kendo categories are as follows; adult men, youth men, youth girls, have five ranks in each category. The adult women group has only three ranks. These ranks are used when deciding matches in a competition.

In kendo, if a kendo person’s “Spirit, sword, and body” are not in harmony then he can not referee.
“Spirit” means a person’s will and full spirit should be expressed within the person’s Kendo. For example, in a person’s “rally cry” during a kendo match.

“Sword” means correctly handling the “Shinai” bamboo sword with authority.

“Body” means having the correct body posture, foot steps, and hip movement.

Even if you have the skill to perform kendo you must have “spirit, sword and body” in harmony as well as “repose (zanshin)” when receiving an opponents attack, unless you have these qualities your kendo will not be viewed as graceful.

In Kendo, it is said that one should “begin with a bow, end with a bow”, Kendo is not just about technique, but rather decorum, manner, and attitude is valued above all else. This is true in a match as well.
Kendo can be seen at its best when two people are in a match, fighting with all their energy in a tense electrified atmosphere with “Spirit, sword and body” in harmony.


This is a tour of our school as a response to the video they made for us. Please see below to see their video.

Here are photos of our super AWESOME friends in Japan.

Check them out. They are the best


Finally, I have found time to share some of the amazing things we have gathered from Japan. Eden and the students in Japan are of top notch quality. We received a package a week or so ago that was one of the best packages yet. 60 letters, origami, trinkets, a movie, etc. It was the best. We have learned so much already and have so much more to learn.

I am once again amazed and appreciate the generous nature of our global friends. My students are realizing that it is time to be generous. I am sharing some of their letters and things they sent us because I feel that others should see what amazing things students are doing around the world.

Their handwriting is beautiful. Such care and craft to their writing. Something we lack here in America. Handwriting is a lost art. We have generated a list of things for us to explore from the letters.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow. More to come when I have time.

Here is their video about themselves. They created this on their own. Very cool!


Here is our response video to the video our friends made for us from Japan. We hope you enjoy! We were a little off task, but we sure had fun putting it all together.

3.23.11 I love this group! I do. They are great and have such a passion for life. Here is a video they have made for us that we are working on a reply to submit back. Great job guys!

3.22.11 Today I received word that they are currently wrapping up their letters and videos. They were kind enough to send a few more pictures. This is a great group of people to work with.



Here are some pictures of the students who we will be working with on this project.



Here is my introduction video to all of our new friends in Japan. I look forward to a great relationship and learning opportunities.