My International Pen Pal Club is participating in this project this year. All information can be acquired and found on the main project site I have decided to document what we share and do with the project here as well so others can follow our journey.

Some links for this project.

1. Main page

2. The blog where we can share our journey along the way!/

3. The lunch presentation that we will all be contributing to

4. Our own little blog posting service where we will be posting other images of our food from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Simply join the group by applying to join or emailing me at aarmau@gmail with you email address and I will give you access to post.!/


This is a video of our Skype conference with the school in Florida from a few weeks back.

Florida Skype - Lunchbox Project from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.


I keep forgetting to add these links to this page and finally remembered to do so.

An amazing collection of images of families around the world surrounded by the food they eat in a week.

Today we attempted to Skype with Portugal and Kentucky at the same time. None of us had ever try to conduct a three way video conference. We had some technical difficulties, but in the end we were still able to take away some positive communication. Here is a video highlighting some of our talks.

Lunchbox Skype on 3.11.11 from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.

I have posted the following over at the Lunchbox Wiki page and thought I would add it here as well.

Greetings, my name is Mr. Maurer a.k.a Coffeechug. I run a small pen pal club at Bettendorf Middle School in Bettendorf, Iowa who is participating in this project. We are very excited to take part in this and see what direction it goes.

Here is a link to our school website

You can about anything you want to about our school on this website.

Listed below are several links to wikis and websites that I run and operate to showcase the marvelous work on students in Bettendorf Middle School.

Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions or ideas.

My students pen pal wiki: My students projects wiki: My blog: My blog to share weather and other items from around the world: My blog to share food items from around the world(an extensions of the Lunchbox Project that we are all are part of): My Lego Robotics Team wiki:

We can always connnect on Twitter @coffeechugbooks

Here is a photo of the wonderful team of students who are giving up their free time to work on this project. We don't have time to meet in school so we have been meeting before school at least once a week. I appreciate all their hard work and dedication to completing the tasks. They are a great group.

Here is a video of us introducing ourselves to all of you. Some spoke just English while others spoke either French, Spanish, or German. We hope you enjoy.

You can hear some of the students speaking French Look for Bettendorf

We will be filming our introductory video this week and posting it online very soon.